Island of Susak Apartments Matijasec

Visiting the island of Susak? We invite you stay in the apartments Matijasec! As an ideal spot to rent an apartment, Susak is a perfect island to explore and enjoy its coves and wilderness or the picturesque vineyards and mystic places. Susak apartments Matijasec are located in the lower village (Donje selo) 230 meters from the beach and you’ll find nearby all the basic stuff you’ll need during your stay on Susak.

Air conditioned apartments
WI-FI Internet
Satellite TV
Scuba tanks refill possibility

Accommodation – House 1


Accommodation – House 2


Island of Susak

Apartments Susak Apartments Matijasec, accommodation on the island of SusakThe island of Susak is one of the best islands in Croatia to escape from the world of noisy city streets into the wilderness of an island. Even though it is located near one of the most popular islands in Croatia – Mali Losinj, it is very remote, surrounded mainly by the open sea that leads somewhere else…
The island is a lovely stop for all those who explore the Adriatic Sea by boat and it is also accessible by ferry lines. The hidden coves are an ideal spot for anchoring and swimming, with beautiful views to the open sea from the cliffs above the coves.

On the island, following many sandy paths you’ll reach the hidden places and vineyards. The vegetation and the wilderness make this island a truly unique location among the Croatian islands.

Some of Susak’s characteristics are known for a long time, like the healing benefits of the Susak’s sandy beacehs. Apart from the beaches and the port of Susak, we recommend to visit the lighthouse and the old military observation post. Concerning the activities, we suggest to try free climbing (on the various places on the island) and windsurfing. Even the island is small, exploring its nature is a memorable experience.

The port of Susak and both villages have all the basics you’ll need: restaurants, a shop, an infirmary and a post office where you can withdraw money.